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All talks are illustrated with slides and accompanied by artwork / samples for you to see in person.  

Talks last approximately 45 minutes.


Please note if you are more than 100 miles from Wooler I will require a talk and workshop booking.

Hares; magic, mystery and witchcraft.


New for 2018 bookings.  Art work inspired by the folklore, history and habitat of the hare.



Land of the Far Horizons


Artwork inspired by the history an landscape of Northumberland, taking in natural and rust dyeing, along with battle, bastles and the forgotten history of women.

The Story of Silk


A light hearted, informative talk on the history and use of this most fascinating fibre.   From its discovery in China, how it caused havoc in Ancient Rome through to its history in Europe.


Colour; Is my Red your Red?


A look at colour in pigments and dyes from prehistoric to modern times.  Interesting and fascinating stories of natural and synthetic dyes - hear about the poor cows eating mango leaves, the accidental discovery of Mauve and the effects of WWI on the dyeing industry.





A light hearted, informative talk on the history and imagery of goddesses.  From prehistoric rock carvings to my own interpretations

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